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French it’s les écrous frits de veau, in German it’s Gebratene Kalbmuttern, in Swedish it’s suxna kalvnötter, in Italian it’s le noci di vitello fritte but no matter what language you say it in, they are simply fried calf nuts!
The lil’ bulls get gathered to have their manhood taken away from them at a branding.
So while I was editing this morning in the Claire McGill Luce Western History Room I overheard a conversation about an upcoming branding to muster up this year’s grill recipe’s for calf nuts.
Then, I placed my photojournalist hat on and decided to take a gander over into the world of Google’s search engine. When I googled “What are fried calf nuts,” I was really hoping this was NOT what I would find. Logically, I can imagine they taste good because most fried things do but I hope I’m never so hungry that I’m looking for testicles to eat.
Conditioning requires me to follow the code of good journalism and give the “other side” a voice. “Tom” not his real name because in Harney County, small town America where everyone knows everyone says, “I can honestly say that these are a perfect camp fire meal. I have worked on many ranches, and have cut a lot of nuts in my day. The fresher the better! You can q’em, fry’em and even dip’em. My personal favorite is fried with a corn tortilla and some Pico de gallo. You have no idea what you are missing! Don’t knock it till ya try it … cowboy up!”
I’m not exactly hip to eating them but I am willing to try anything, must be that optimistic Aries side of me. A follow-up will be posted after my “experience” and in case you missed my Unshucked story don’t miss reading that bit of a humbling experience.
No images yet, to be continued…
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